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How to ‘get’ to Cajun Nights MUSH

There are various ways to get to Cajun Nights MUSH, all via telnet in one way or the other. Telnet is an internet protocol that allows remote logins to remote machines (servers). You don’t see it much used in it’s raw form now on the internet, just like you don’t see FTP much anymore either. But it’s still there. You use it all the time, you just don’t know your using it.

Most people prefer to use a MU* Client program over raw telnet because these programs give you the ability to type in more text in a single line. The output is usually formatted and organized for easy reading. As well as many other useful features. Such as, most client programs allow you to create ‘logs’ of your conversations/roleplaying. As well, you can quote text files up quickly to the MU* so you can do ‘Mush Coding’ offline. But more on Mush Code later.

The important thing is you will probably want to get yourself some sort of client program to connect to the mush. But in a pinch, you can always use raw telnet. Useful if you are at a friend’s house, or somewhere where you don’t have access to a client program.

To set up your telnet or MUSH client programs (like TinyFugue), you will need the following Address: port 2005
OR 2005

Login Creation is open from here, as is Guest Access to poke about first.