New Orleans: The Big Easy Just Got Scarier




Welcome to New Orleans – A Time of Darkness


“It’s not about power at all, you know. Not in the end. It’s about how we identify ourselves–how we compare to others, and what role we play in the world around us.” Edgar smiles far more cheerily than a man ought to when trying to impose such a world view on others. Some solemnity is at least expected, if not required.

Jane winced, as Edgar’s pose came onto her computer screen. She had suspected Edgar was up to something, some plot against her character, Jack–but she still had no idea what it was. She thought a moment, and quickly tapped out Jack’s response.

Not impressed, Jack watches Edgar, pacing around the opulently-decorated room. “Yah? So what? You called me over ’cause you said you could get me the money I need.”

Jamie grinned, typing out half of Edgar’s response, before deleting it and re-writing. Too wordy. He had played with other of Jane’s characters, and she had a tendency to make them impatient. Apparently, Jack was no exception. Hopefully, though, this character wouldn’t turn out to believe he was God’s chosen one, and have the power to back it up.

“Not exactly,” Edgar answered. “But close enough. How would you like to own New Orleans?”

Jane laughed. She had seen enough of Edgar with her last character that she knew it was some sinister plot. Jack didn’t, though, so she tapped out the next pose, knowing it would start poor Jack’s spiral downwards. This would be interesting…


“New Orleans …the city shrouded in mystery. No other place in America commands such intense curiosity as the Big Easy, a city of parties, of laughter, but of a darker side, where criminals are local heroes, and the Police are known for their terrible brutality. From Mardi Gras to the Jazz Festival, N’awlins is steeped in centuries old traditions of work, play, and music. Experience the history, put your finger on the pulse of American’s most amazing City.”

Game Location: New Orleans, LA, USA.

Game Time Frame: VR Start Year 2006

Subject Matter: Free Form (Storyteller) Role Playing

Game System: White Wolf 2nd Edition Storyteller Game Systems with Cross Over House Rules

Regional Affiliation: New Orleans, Louisiana

Format: Text-Based Multi-User Environment (MUSH)

Language: English

Cost: No Cost (Donations accepted, please contact for more information if interested in supporting this project.)


Cajun Nights is a role playing MUSH set in dark, steamy, dimly lit streets of New Orleans, where the socially conscious inhabitants sip their lattes at the Cafe du Monde while catching up on the latest gossip. The social order is based on the various Krewes, or traditional co-ed fraternities (some more socially desirable than others), and the role-playing plots culminate with the parades, held at Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick’s Day. The parades are exciting, important events, with all the players in costume and each Krewe competing to win the prize for the best float. After the parade, be sure you have an invitation to attend any of the Krewe Balls (fashionably late, of course) to experience the partying and night life New Orleans is famous for, but more importantly, to be dressed to kill and be seen with the right people. Cajun Nights is well staffed with highly developed rules, providing a strong role-playing environment for romance, revelry, and excitement. – T. H.


Cajun Nights MUSH is an Internet-based role-playing game which had original grand opening on October 31st, 1995. Current date is post 2006, “the Dark Future”. Cajun Nights uses the rules and setting from White Wolf Gaming Studio‘s World of Darkness books.

The MUSH is run on a dedicated server using the RhostMUSH platform, with a few of our own modifications to make roleplaying a little more interesting, such as ‘reality level’ code which allows us to let players walk around unseen for those who can use abilities like invisibility and obfuscation. Modifications have also been made to accommodate those with high Auspex or magical Awareness abilities.

We use Second Edition rules from Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, and Mage the Ascension. There have been some Cross-Over policies incorporated into our House-Rules.


Note: Cajun Nights MUSH has OPENED. Please note that this is a soft opening and the full opening will be January 15th, 2022. Bear with us as we put on the finishing touches to make things just perfect for you.

  • We have opened with Mortals, Mortal+ (Special Mortals: including Hunters, Romani, Kinfolk, Psychics, Sorcerers, Numina, etc. ), Crime/Civil/Law (CCL), & Voodoo: the Macabre (our own game).
  • Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf will open once a Player base has been established, the interest is there, and there is Staff is ready to support that expansion.
  • We are also looking into the possibility of expanding support in game for Changeling and Wraith.
  • We are currently taking applications for Storyteller Staff. Please see the open Jobs listings linked on this website.
  • Please send all inquiries to where we check for interests in this grand re-opening.