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Mortal+ Sphere Information

Character Openings

Currently we are looking for Sorcerers, First Nation based Sorcerer/cabal, as well as Romani and Hunters. Psychic Numina are currently restricted.

Before going through CharGen or emailing us an app, please +mail Mortal+ Staff (see +staff/all for a complete listing of Cajun Nights Staff) with your concept. Be detailed. We use the Sorcerer Revised reference primarily, but also accept Character concepts from Inquisition, Arcanum, Hunters Hunted, and Romani.


Character Creation

Numina may go through CharGen and then +mail Mortal+ Staff for the needed specific Numina stats, etc that cannot be set in CharGen.


Character Restrictions

All Numina levels, as a general rule, may go no higher than level 2 out of CharGen but higher will be considered on case to case bases. Your backgrounds will be heavily scrutinized, as will your PC’s age and experiences. Stats of 3 or higher will require good explanations, often an older PC for multiple 3s+, or particular merits. We’re looking for a character who’s +sheet matches his background. Lores are allowed on case-by-case but have to be approved by the other Sphere: Team Leader and very well justified. We are no longer accepting the True Faith Numina, although the merit is still OK.


Information on Numina

This is a full list of Psychic Numina accepted at Cajun Nights, but good understandings of the powers and how they are developed is required for approval for a Numina (place cursor over power for more info).

This is a full list of Sorcery accepted at Cajun Nights.