New Orleans: The Big Easy Just Got Scarier


Mortal Applications!

As of 12/15/2021 Applications are OPEN for the Mortal sphere.

Mortal Sphere Information
Application Procedure
Character Restrictions

Please remember that your stats need to be explained/justified in your backgrounds, and should bear some relation to the IC age of the PC. Please, no 23 year old M.D. who was a child genius and went to Harvard at age 12 (–though, believe it or not, we’ve had more than one app like that). Knowledges or Talents mentioned are guides only.


Mortal Sphere Information

AHA! So you’re interested in playing a Mortal? Well, good! Good for you! We need ’em, tons of ’em, millions of ’em… In fact, we have an UNLIMITED supply of slots open for Mortals, no quota, no cap. Surprising huh?

Next you may ask: What kinds of Mortals do you need? The reply would be: All kinds of Mortals, anything you can think of including factory workers, city workers, waitresses, telemarketers, politicians, wanderers, any and every mundane job you can think of. Other Characters like Police and Criminals have their own Staff looking after them, just like “Supers”. If you’re interested in playing either of these then you should contact the Staff Members relevant! (Type +staff/all for a complete list.) Regular Joes get a ton of RP and find themselves in interesting situations, sometimes more often than the supernatural Characters themselves. The WorkNOLA bboard postings have many non-crime related Character positions. (Type +bbskim/WorkNOLA, and then +bbread/WorkNOLA #. Or type +help bb for more instruction.) These are the types of Characters we’d most like – maybe you’ll see something that appeals to you in there! Listings of wanted PCs and concepts can also be found from the yellow pages, resumes, RP and IC bboards.

Please forward any questions on to Mortal Staff either via page or +mail, we’re more than happy to help! After all, it’s our job.


Reporters Information

We are in the process of getting the Times-Picayune Newspaper organized and running smoothly. Consequently, We’re looking for solid journalism/print reporter concepts. Players should be aware that reporters on Cajun Nights have a responsibility to report on IC events. Journalists are responsible for conveying information to the public at large in RL and we intend for this to be the case on CN, as well. The newspaper is a great way to facilitate RP on the grid.

If this interests you, then by all means, create a reporter. We’ll be happy to have you. We’d like to see a well thought-out background which details the experience your character has had in the field of print journalism. Please include what type of stories they usually write. Are they an investigative journalist? Do they write an influential column? Is politics their cup of tea? We want to know where they lie in the spectrum.


Radio Information

WBOG, the voice of the Big Easy, is currently in the process of expanding programming to reach the citizens of New Orleans more frequently. If you think you have what it takes to let your voice be heard all across the MUSH, submit an app for one of these coveted positions. A DJ can be a talk show host, sports analyst, or just about anything…including the age old tradition of simply spinning records. Please be sure to list all your credentials, including background in mass media and/or radio, along with your normal application.

If the thought of your voice riding the airways into the hearts and minds of those around you appeals to you, please do not hesitate to develop and write an application for a DJ. Any questions should be directed towards either Tethys or Mortal Staff.


Carnival Information

The smell of cotton candy, thrill of the roller coaster, excitement of having your fortune told. The Carnival is always a trip to visit. Surreal.. Perhaps it’s the mysterious side-show/freak-show attractions, or maybe it’s just the types of people the Carnival always seems to attract. Whatever the case may be, there can be no doubt as to its almost ‘sleazy’ appeal.

Cajun Nights has a Carnival/Amusement Park on the grid and we are currently looking for any concepts which would fit into this ‘carnival’ image. The following list are just examples of concepts which would be greatly appreciated:


Carnival Manager – OOC Responsibilities Required
Clowns Magicians
Animal Tamers Tight Rope Walkers
Fortune Tellers Acrobats
Candy Vendors Ride Operators
Freaks Sword/Fire Swallowers



Mixed Race Information

America is a melting pot of different racial/ethnic backgrounds and New Orleans is no exception. Not everyone is fair-haired, blue-eyed and has a milky-white complexion. Players who venture outside this realm are welcomed and appreciated. Take a chance and play a character of a different ethnicity.

Lower Class

New Orleans. Quite possibly the most deeply cultured city in the free world. It is full of all types, from the garishly wealthy to the simple welfare case. The lower class is vital to a city. It comprises the heartbeat of the public. The wealthy may live in their penthouses, but the poor and less fortunate occupy nearly every street corner, giving it the very breath of life….and intrigue. Join the huddled masses today.

Drug Addiction

The Trusthouse Free Clinic is a non-profit organization which helps the under underprivileged of New Orleans with free medical care. A hallmark of the clinic is the aid it gives to those addicted to drugs or alcohol. At this time, We are seeking character concepts which incorporate an addiction to some substance and a decidedly lower-class economic background (homeless/street is preferred). Please contact Mortal Staff with any questions you might have.


Religion has been the cause of countless wars, persecutions, and controversies throughout the centuries. Nothing gets a debate going faster than when a conversation turns to the topic of the Church, God or Religion in general. Perhaps this is because the belief in a higher power is a deeply personal decision grounded in centuries of tradition and steeped in mystery.

The Church and religion have a powerful influence in New Orleans. Does the thought of a zealous Priest or fanatic worshiper interest you? Perhaps your interest lies in the religiously devout. We are looking for players who would be willing to play a character with a deeply religious concept. Backgrounds should be detailed with explanations on how the character turned to God or a higher power. What is their religious affiliation? How do they view the world? How do they feel about individuals who don’t have the same beliefs? Would they kill for their beliefs? These are just some questions to think about when you are developing your character. Any questions can be directed to Mortal Staff.


Character Restrictions


We do NOT accept any mortals under the age of 16. Sixteen is the minimum age for characters on Cajun Nights, no exceptions (not even for Shifters).


We, admittedly, are fairly picky about backgrounds, simply because we think they are an excellent foundation for your character. That is the place for you to flesh out your character and make it come alive with feelings, quirks, neuroses, or whatever else you decide to create. We’ve heard the argument that one can only flesh out a character after getting out on the grid and RPing. There may be some truth to that. However, We still want to see detail and effort put into your backgrounds. The story you develop is what is going to give you the basis for what motivates your character.


We will absolutely do not want to see the following:

  • Appearances of 4/+
  • Seduction = 3/+
  • Combat Stats = 3/+

Please remember that -any- stats at a level 3 or above absolutely must have justification within your background. The same is true for merits and flaws. There are no exceptions to this.

Finally, a special note with regards to combat stats. If they do not have justification in your background, We don’t want to see them. Period. We have heard the “I took them because I don’t want to get trounced on the grid” argument and it doesn’t sway us. Cajun Nights does not operate this way. If it’s supported in your background, then fine. Otherwise, We simply don’t want to see them on your +sheet. Thank you.

Application Procedure

(Under Construction: List Application Procedures Here)