New Orleans: The Big Easy Just Got Scarier


Voodoo Sphere Information

This webpage has been created so new Players,  or already approved Players can get a feel of what’s going on or what’s expected. We hope that you might join our team in making Cajun Nights a fun and exciting place to play.


History of Voodoun

At the arrival of a new millennia (2000 AD), the Voodoun were near extinction. The Great Drought had sent many fleeing, while others were taken by their foes. Now the power of the Voodoun has returned like a summer monsoon flooding the land with the power of the Orisha. Those with the Knowing are scattered throughout New Orleans and many are unbeknownst to the power or aim of their new allies.

Now the Voodoun threat is from within, their secrets and ways becoming public knowledge as their culture and worship are torn apart. Now is the time to reform the society and bring these new fledglings under their watchful wing. They must also be vigilant on these newcomers as the Baka are always waiting to gain a foothold and break Voodoun society down one more step.


Character Applications

This Sphere is special to Cajun Nights MUSH, having been created here to aid in ambiance and struggle of New Orleans. We have our own rules made by our own Staff (listed below). Please read these before applying.

New Voodoun Characters

If you are looking at creating a New Player Character, please contact Voodoun Staff with your basic idea. You will be asked to answer several questions in addition to the normal background requirements. we will not be taking any Houn’gan or Mam’bo level PCs at this time, not unless you can prove to us that you have the OOC knowledge or resources to back up playing this level.

We highly suggest that people begin at the bottom, and work their way up the ladder IC, (we cannot stress this enough). There is simply a lot of information to acquire, and we fully believe in In Character Actions resulting in In Character Consequences. If you are going to try for a higher Standing, and do not know what you are doing – we will not be nice. This is not a path for the light-hearted or soft-hearted. You have been forewarned.

That said, this Sphere is completely and utterly unique, and we have poured many years of heart and soul into bringing it back and making it come alive for Cajun Nights. If you want to be a part of what is turning out to be a fantastic Sphere, with some of the top Roleplayers we have here in it, drop Voodoun staff a +mail and we’ll talk.

Upgrading Existing Characters

If you are looking at updating your current Player Character and having them become Voodoun, please +mail Voodoun Staff. This is open to anyone on the grid, Supernatural or not. Be prepared to do some serious work as there are no freebies in this Sphere, and it is not an easy path. You will be asked to answer a series of questions, both from the New Player Question list and one specifically for Upgrading your PC into a Voodoun.

We have two types of Voodoun here, the first being one who simply follows the religion or has ties to it in some way. This is the path that is open to anyone and everyone, no matter what you are, or who you are. You are limited in that you can never go above a Standing of 3, that is, you will not be able to become a Houn’gan or Mam’bo, or an apprentice Houn’gan (Confiance) or apprentice Mam’bo (Mam’bo caille). You can learn the various ceremonial rituals, and get many of the backgrounds. However, you do not get any Knowings.

The True Voodoun is the second path, this is open to most people and races, but not all through the various history of the Sphere.

  • Awakened Mages cannot become True Voodoun at this time, the reasoning being that the Loas have a difficulty understanding the Mage Avatar.
  • Corax, because of history with the Orisha, are flat out denied (the Mysteres have long, unforgiving memories).
  • Tremere Spirit Thaumaturgists will also be denied, the Loas avoid them at all costs. Most everyone else at least has a chance.


Voodoun Staff

Check +staff/all for a listing of all Cajun Nights Staff Members.


Character Openings

Right now, we are looking for stereotypical African-American heritage, French descended Voodoun. South American Spanish descended Umbanda or Santeria might be considered in the future, after a good ground base of French descended Voodoo are established. We would prefer plain humans, rather than Kinfolk, Shifters, Ghouls, Kindred, etc. In depth backgrounds are required. No Bokors (boccors) at this time. An interview is required prior to approval to play in the Sphere.

Here on Cajun Nights, we have a unique Voodoun system and set of rules that has gone through several upgrades since it was first created. As such, we have no Bata’a, either Mage or Sorcerer – we have the Voodoun.

We have almost solely used a small handful of books when we did the last upgrade of the Voodoo Rules. Suggested and recommended reading or viewing:

  • Secrets of Voodoo, Milo Rigaud
  • Santeria the Religion, Migene Gonzalez-Wippler
  • Alfred Metraux’s Voodoo In Haiti
  • Mama Lola, Karen Brown

Fiction with Voodoo themes we have enjoyed:

  • Darkfall, Dean R. Koontz
  • Dance of the Dead, Christie Golden
  • Wes Craven’s: Serpent and Rainbow movie

Other resources can be found on the web, and Cajun Nights website has many links.

The Voodoun Rules can be found at our website. It is highly suggested if you are looking at being a part of the Voodoun, to read them over to get an idea of what you are getting into… muhahahaha!