Cajun Nights MUSH
Staff Corner

Here is a listing of the current members working on this project:
Papa Legba
New This Issue

It has been a few days since the Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful time with those they love and all in a careful and happy way.
For my part, I spent it with my mother, cooked a turkey with the sides, and enjoyed a Google Meet with the extended family.
I now have leftovers until New Years.
Not much going on here yet. Being solo has its perks. I am working to bring others on to help with Phase 2, which should be able to get started in earnest come the New Year.

Build & Code:
Finishing up mapping the grid. It really isn't an understatement to say that it is huge. The clean up is just as huge since... for example, over 7,000 exits have to be checked for correct placement, and @emits that make sense for the location they are at, and are going to. I have uncovered many that are still with the default description as well.

Media & Website:
The original WordPress website remains broken. I have not found the source of the redirect corruption, and honestly.... probably won't.
The replacement site is up and a content skeleton while I rebuild the plugins and check them all for security holes.
Rebuilding from scratch does have its benefits, and I hope to not make the same mistakes I did with expanding the original one.

Not much going on here yet.
Final Word

I have heard from a few more people that they are interested in the project, and that warms my heart.
I am thankful for the chance to do this for the gaming community, and am thankful for the warm support I have received from you all.
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