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Trying to get and keep organized is a difficult thing when you're doing all the things at once. Even with a "game plan" as it were, the unexpected plot twists come up now and again.
I'm also trying not to regurgitate a lot of details that I have already mentioned in prior postings since I'd rather keep you all engaged and not bored. However I want to be as forthcoming and clear how things are going with the good, the bad, and the surprising. Let me know what you think of these posts in the comments below.
Still working through Phase 1, Organizing & Documenting. (I referred to it as Inventory before.) That's right, still checking each and every object on the MUSH. The initial review of code has been completed, and I am about 70-75% done with mapping the entire grid, except for the individual building rooms.
Staff Corner

Here is a listing of the current members working on this project:
Papa Legba
New This Issue

Using a website called as a Project Management system. Since the code on the game itself is going to be reset to a 'factory default', I felt it best to not try and use the +queue system in order to document needs & progress.

Build & Code:
ComSys was upgraded to the latest AshComV2 by Ashen-Shugar himself. He has also updated the Rhost server to the latest version, and continues to monitor the stability as I go along.
RhostMUSH Alpha version 4.1.0RL(A) patchlevel 2 #4
Build date: Thu, 05 Nov 2020 16:07:09 -0500
The IC radio station WBOG used to broadcast over the older ComSys. Since the upgrade, WBOG has gone dark. One of the things I need to check is the code differences to get WBOG back on the air!
Game Saves are doubled up at the moment. They seem to be about 5 minutes apart, and then wait the normal amount of time. The original DB does not do that. Some sort of quirk with an upgrade/update or something.
WeatherCode is also currently offline. That's alright for now though, since I don't need to be distracted by a sunny day when examining code. But it is something that needs to be fixed as well.

Media & Website:
Two weeks ago I was able to successfully update the website from http:// to https:// and left it at that for the night. Last weekend I went back to work on it some more and found that somehow an auto-redirect malware got into the system and neither myself nor the host admin was able to find the file or db entry to stop it, so the 11,000+ files that were transferred from static html into WP format may be a total. loss.
I am going to have a new installation placed into service and keep the old as a backup. If I can determine the issue once a new instance is running and comparing the two, I might be able to recover the 100s of hours spent on it and not have to redo it all.
This at least gives me a chance to further research WP Forums and try to have it integrated from the beginning.

Nothing yet. Stay tuned!
Final Word

Word of this project has apparently spread quickly. I received an email at from someone who is interested in the game when it reopens. They have never played here before, and yet, are already excited to join.
To whomever has been talking about this... A HUGE THANK YOU! PLEASE KEEP TALKING! Have them ask to join this page to stay up to date. If anyone knows of any others who might be interested, please let them know. Have them email me, and/or join this page.
Until Anon Cajun Nighters...
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Papa Legba
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