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Papa Legba
New This Issue

My how time flies.
The first phase of the project continues on. I am still reviewing every object in the database. I have mostly completed going through the code objects and listing every command that they hold to see what everything does.
There are some duplicates in there that make me wonder which is the better system.There are some broken codes that will need to be reviewed and possibly purged.
I still need to go through the Builder objects, all the Things, and then finally go through the Places to see what all the rooms hold. That includes an up to date mapping of the grid.
Additionally, website setup is coming along nicely. All of the old pages have been transferred from static HTML files to WordPress. The same with the old CCL Website. They now need to be integrated into a seamless home where it will be expanded upon for every aspect of the game, including Forums like we had before.
I am thinking to update the website and this page with a new theme to befit the rebirth of Cajun Nights.
One new aspect of the game that we didn't have before are email addresses. Now all staff will have an email for external reach so they do not have to use their personal emails to conduct game communications outside of the game. is active to reach me, and is for the main communications for interest, support, etc.
All of the media outreach posts will need to be updated with this new email, once we are in phase 3 and about to reopen.
Final Word
Lastly for now, I'm building a Project Management website to keep track of all of the flying pieces to this so that nothing gets overlooked. Which will be instrumental when I think it is time to move into Phase 2.
Phase 2 will be when I start looking for assistance to complete this retrofitting/rebuilding in a timely fashion. It has been years in the making. However, with a clear vision in mind, I believe that this can be done.
Still so much more to do. Stay tuned!
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