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I'm going to try to keep a running update on how progress is going on the rebuild.
This will allow me to keep an eye on the prize and have history to look back on regarding the status we're at.
Staff Corner
Here is a listing of the current members working on this project:
Papa Legba
New This Issue

So, to start off... a brief history.
The game imploded years ago when my RL work schedule put me at odds with the active times for the game, and things spiraled from there.
The database has been sitting dormant since then. Even though it was idle, I transferred it from where it was being hosted (which closed its business doors) to the new server it is on now.
I decided to duplicate the database in order to try and rebuild, without destroying the 20+ year history contained in the original.
The rebuild idea has been bouncing around for a few years now, and due to this recent global pandemic, I've found time finally to be able to focus on it.
Which brings us to now.
The backend is getting cleaned up and being given an overhaul of all the systems that support the game.
We are on the latest version of Rhost (I think) which is more powerful than ever.
I'm in the process of going through ALL THE CODE to verify it's use and clean up any/all the unused clutter hidden in the corners.
That's about 1/2 through the initial review, which is documenting every !, ., @, and other obscure coding around.
Listing every room, and mapping them out is also on the list. Verifying descriptions and Wiznotes will be part of that as well.
Final Word

As always, it's a labor of love.
Until anon,
Papa Legba
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