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The first dozen or so Newsletters being sent out are taken from the previous postings on the Cajun Nights MUSH Facebook Group page. In order to not unduly spam anyone's email box while this new form of contact is being tested, only one will be sent a week, on Friday. Once all caught up (3 months from now), the Newsletter will be periodic, about once a month, unless there is so much going on that we need to send out twice a month. At no time will it ever be more than once a week (I just do not have the free time to do that).

Without further ado...

This is an initial post to let everyone know that Cajun Nights MUSH is currently being rebuilt.
Staff Corner

Here is a listing of the current members working on this project:
Papa Legba

Once the game opens, this section will have updates from staff as needed.
New This Issue

What I mean by rebuilt is the DB is being cleaned up and reviewed to make certain everything is in working order.
The plan is to re-open as a fresh game, to be able to start new stories akin to those everyone remembers, knows, and loves to this day.
With that being said, no previous characters will be available to use with the new story line. We'll be starting fresh.
As you explore the city, references to old characters, places, and things may crop up from time to time, to use as plot hooks and flavor for the game. We can not and will not simply throw away all the years of love & heart break, camaraderie & conflict, and highs & lows that built the game before.
Updates to Previous Issues

Nothing, as this is the first publication/post for the game.
Player Corner

No players yet, but when we do open, this will have information pertaining to player requests or other things from the players themselves. Shout-outs and kudos included.
Policies & Procedures

The details for the reopening are still in their infancy.
I've been going through all of the code to document, verify and clean up for a pristine and fully functioning system.

I will be posting more here as things unravel, and as it becomes a more viable and tangible thing, I'll start asking for interested people to begin helping with the final steps to open the doors.
Final Word

Until anon, if you have any questions please contact me on Facebook, or at NOW (updated for correct info).

Papa Legba
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