Cajun Nights MUSH

The countdown continues. It is only 55 days until January 15th. Will we be 100% when the clock strikes? Not even close. Will we be at the point where we can open the doors to Players who have been waiting patiently to come in and see what is going on? Yes, yes we will be.

To postpone again would only undermine what we have already been able to accomplish. A MUSH is always an ongoing labor of love, and through sharing it we can continue to build on a very solid footing that has been here since 1993, with all of the code updates, changes, upgrades from then until now being more numerous than we could ever imagine.
Storyteller Corner

We are looking for Storytellers! Mortal, Mortal+, Crime/Civil/Law, and Voodoo are all needed.

If you are interested please send an email to us!
The Lead: New This Issue

The room that everyone first arrives in when you login to the game is called the 'Voodoo Lounge'.

In this room you will find several exits to very valuable rooms that you will visit frequently as you decide on what kind of Character you want to play here.

For those Players new to the MUSH environment, you will want to go through the 'Commands Tour' which we highly recommend to everyone, and in fact have made it a mandatory step in order to access the Character Generation system.

But before you go headlong into CharGen, you will want to visit the 'Sphere Info Center' which houses the rooms for the available Games (Spheres) and the details on how to apply for those types of Characters.

Scene of the Week!

In our Jackson Square there are numerous differences to the Real Life layout, the most striking one being the loss of The Presbytère, flanking the other side of the St. Louis Cathedral, opposite of the Cabildo.

There is now a Memorial object there for you to view and learn a bit of the city's history.

This is also the first room everyone will enter when they have been approved for Roleplay and can hit the grid.

This makes it one of the main hubs for meeting new Characters as they wander the city. Artists of all walks of life are always in the Square, peddling their wares to the tourists, the NOPD are always making their rounds either on foot, or on horseback.

A good way to scare up some Roleplay when you don't have to be elsewhere in the game!

The host service underwent some electrical issues this past month, resulting in a loss of access to the game server and the MUSH website. As a contingency for when this might happen in the future, I am in the process of reopening our Embassy on Gateway - The MU* Community. ( port 6700) which will be used alongside the Discord Server, and Facebook to notify Players about any unscheduled outages or plans for downtime.
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues

I might be sounding like a broken record about this, but in order to start supporting the Players, we need Storyteller Staff. Please let me know if you are interested!
My News: Player Corner

Players will be allowed to login and create Characters starting 12/15/2021 to test the systems we have and troubleshoot them if any issues arise, preparing for the opening on 1/15/2022.

Character Approval for Soft-RP will be available starting on 12/15/2021. Please let me know that you are interested, and I will get you the connect and login information!

Don't have a MUSH Client yet? Check out our website for a listing (recently updated!) of available clients on Unix/Linux, Windows, & MAC.
Policies & Procedures

+help will be your go to for all In-Game services.
help (no +) will be your go to for all Rhost Server commands & use.

+help topics appended with a <-> are not yet implemented. Topics appended with a are Game Policy and/or 'required' reading. Please report any problems with +help to Administrative Staff.

The entries are sorted into different categories for ease of reference. There is a lot in the system, so please read it all carefully.


12/15/21 Soft-RP & Early CharGen Open.

1/15/21 Fully Game Opening. We're not expecting a gang rush like Black Friday sales or anything, but want to see you there!
Final Word

It is the Holiday season, we've been through the time change, "Winter is Coming", and in a few days, America will be celebrating Thanksgiving.

I want to take this time to say how thankful I am of the people who have helped support me in this crazy endeavor thus far:

Maîtresse Délai, Obatala, Olokun, Ayao, Ol'Sarge, Agassou, La Sirene, and Ayida-Weddo.

As well as a shout out to all of the Players who have been patiently waiting, and commenting on the posts I've made along the way.

I would not have made it to where we are today without your help and encouragement.

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