Cajun Nights MUSH
The change in date for the Grand Opening is now tentatively marked as:
January 15th, 2022.
It is at the moment, 116 days to that new date, giving us the chance to get through the reviews that are still pending, as well as the updates we are all working on.

As we head into the Holiday Season, there will be many weekends that we collectively will want to spend time with our loved ones, now more than ever, and that will take away many opportunities to work on the game.

This rebuild has been, and still is a labor of love, and I want that work to be as stress free as possible, so looming deadlines can not be the driving force for this work. The mantra, "If it's not fun, you're doing it wrong.", has kept me focused and determined not to lose sight of the FUN aspect of all of this, which will lead to so many more people being able to have fun. Which will hopefully lead to another mantra, "Fun begets fun!".
o Obatala: Working on the CharGen upgrades & expansion. Mortal, Mortal+ (Numina, Romani, & Sorcerer), and Voodoun are in testing!
o Olokun: Is going over the grid fixes again, verifying all of them complete, and including some Building remodeling!
o Delai: Has been busy with more Building remodeling, making her way through the exhaustive list of tweaks and fixes that needed to be made. Not all of the Buildings were on that list, so a comprehensive list has been made to review.
o Ol'Sarge: Was able to take care of more fixes for the systems, and is looking into some system updates to get things working better than before.
o Papa Legba: Mostly through the +help entries review, taking a break on the special help files to review the Staff Help Files and systems.
o Agassou: RL has kept her busy recently. She'll be back soon to continue updating the +stat/info entries to get that system ready for opening.
o Ayao: RL has kept her busy recently. Soon to be back and getting into troub-er, I mean, assignments.
o La Sirene: RL has kept her busy recently. Currently working with Papa Legba to
o Ayida-Weddo: Is currently working on a list of Building Updates to make the grid look nice and fresh.
The Lead: New This Issue
Continuing on with the series of "Things that make Cajun Nights MUSH Unique":
5) Our Build system is designed to keep the integrity of the rooms and exits uniform. It is tied into the +travel, +map, +BID (Building Information DB), +for-rent, +for-sale, and other global systems.
When a Character either Rents or Buys property in our New Orleans, the Player gains access to the Builder login associated with that location. That's right, every building & apartment has a unique Builder login to control access to who can change the descriptions there.
Since we have so many Buildings already on the grid, we currently are not allowing any digging of new rooms. In Game, you get to choose your Character's living space just like you would in Real Life, go House or Apartment shopping! Based on your Character's Resources is what they can afford.
The Address of the Building does not change, but the name and the descriptions can, tailored to your want and needs.
There is so much more, you'll just have to join us to learn it all!
I am looking into a way to host different Polling entries on the website. Trying to drive more traffic to the site as it grows will hopefully grow the interest in the game itself.
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues
There are many Volunteer opening for Cajun Nights listed on the website here: and help is needed!
Admin Positions:
> Theme Coordinator (Mardi Gras/Events) - OPEN
> Storyline Coordinator - OPEN
> Media Coordinator - OPEN
> Administrative Assistant - In Training
> Build Coordinator - OPEN
Storyteller Positions: ALL OPEN - (2) FOR EACH SPHERE
> Crime/Civil/Law
> Mortal
> Mortal+ (Numina/Psychic/Sorcerer/Romani)
> Voodoo
> General
My News: Player Corner
The website has the beginning of a Forum setup at
It has no content in it yet, but will hopefully be updated shortly.
What would you like to see under the General, Setting & Theme, and Available Games sections? Please let us know!
Policies & Procedures
The +HRD system holds all of the House Rules that we have designed to cover the cross-game interactions we have encountered during Roleplay, especially conflicts that include Supernatural powers. This is always growing and expanding as new situations arise, but hold to the theme that everyone is equal in the eyes of the rules, and In Character Actions Equal In Character Consequences (ICA=ICC).
The ComSys allows for both IC and OOC communications between all Characters that have access to a specific Channel. There are Public, Private, and Staff Only channels that facilitate communications across the entire game.
IC forms of communications are found under the Phone and Mail codes, which are the preferred methods of communication. While the Phone is always IC, the Mail system can be OOC, so please mark IC letters blatantly as such. Paging someone is ALWAYS OOC.
I did not hold a Q&A session as I had hoped, and I apologize sincerely to those who were looking forward to it. I would like to try again and host one on October 2nd, starting at 3 PM Eastern in our Discord Voodoo Lounge. Please join that voice channel via this link:
Final Word
Although they are listed below as icons, I want to take a moment to remind everyone that we have the following locations to keep in touch with the game review happenings.
Our Website
Our Discord Channel:
Our FaceBook Page:
Our FaceBook Group:
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