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In May we had our first official Character Approval!

"Everyone has to start somewhere." Definition: Even a small or modest beginning can be sufficient or can be enough.

There are several other Characters going through the CharGen process, and the incentive for testing the system is still out there. Want to gain some extra XP for your starting Character? Log in now!
Storyteller Corner

It is the autumn of 2007, nearing the end of October. Only about half of the city population has returned to their homes since the destruction of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita.

The pace of return has varied by race and socioeconomic status, as almost all the extreme-poverty neighborhoods in New Orleans were predominantly black, and these racially and economically segregated areas bore the brunt of the disaster.

Although historically it has been the least segregated large American city, our World of Darkness New Orleans has reached, and even exceeded, the national average of the standard index of black-white segregation.

Why the difference? The level of housing damage largely accounts for the race disparities in return rates, as opposed to a person’s socioeconomic status or characteristics such as age, sex, marital status, employment, and housing tenure. In other words, blacks were less likely to return to New Orleans because they were more likely to have had their dwelling severely damaged or destroyed by flooding associated with the Hurricanes.
The Lead: New This Issue

Local Theme is a focus for us here. A big draw should be Mardi Gras, working with fellow Krewe members for ideas on building floats, planning the parade (we do only one), and hosting Krewe Carnival Balls (we try to host one for the six Krewes we support in game).

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a one to three month stretch of the year in which the streets come alive with music, art, and costumed revelers. Beginning on Twelfth Night, January 6, the best season of the year is upon us: king cake, bead-tossing, and parading begins and only increases as we make our way toward Mardi Gras Day.

There’s so much to celebrate during Carnival season, where locals rule and visitors are more than welcome to join in on the fun. On the weekends leading up to Fat Tuesday, parades roll all over town. Spectators gasp at the colossal Endymion floats and delight in the political satire of Krewe Oracle. There’s something to do during every week of the Mardi Gras season.
Scene of the Week!

Second only to Mardi Gras for its dazzling display of fun and finery, Halloween in New Orleans draws thousands to the Quarter for devilish fun while vampires, zombies, ghosts, goblins and everything else parade up and down Frenchmen Street displaying the city’s legendary wit and creativity in their carefully crafted costumes. All Hallow’s Eve in New Orleans is an experience to remember for both the living – and undead.

Start your Halloween adventure with one of the many haunted tours through the French Quarter or some other spooky part of the city. And then, of course, there are the world-famous cemeteries where the dearly departed are buried in tombs above ground. Hundreds of stories abound in which the ghosts of these “Cities of the Dead” make their presence known.

While prowling around the French Quarter there are a number of Voodoo shops to learn a little more about the history behind these centuries-old spiritual practices. The spirit of Marie Laveau, the High Priestess of 19th century New Orleans, can still be felt in the vibes that surround you in some of these shops. You might even learn a few spells and mystical incantations. Many of the shops have special Halloween events.
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues

We are currently looking for Players who would like to be Storytellers for Mortals, Mortal+ (Special Mortals: including Hunters, Romani, Kinfolk, Psychics, Sorcerers, Numina, etc. ), Crime/Civil/Law (CCL), & Voodoo: the Macabre (our own game).

The following Volunteer Opportunities are available!

Storyteller Staff: Mortal, Mortal+, CCL, Voodoo
Administration Staff: Theme, Storyline, Media, Admin,
My News: Player Corner

We are currently looking for Players interested in being:
o Mortals
o Mortal+ (Special Mortals: including Hunters, Romani, Kinfolk, Psychics, Sorcerers, Numina, etc. )
o Crime/Civil/Law (CCL)
o Voodoo: the Macabre (our own game).

There are several hangout spot around the city (grid) that are available for your use. +help hangouts will show you how to use the system.

Jackson Square and our version of the historic Cafe du Monde are central locations to drum up roleplay!

None scheduled at this time. Please check back often for any updates.

Have an idea for an event? Please let us know!
Final Word

Without volunteers for Staff, both Build/Code/Administration, and Storytellers, there will not be any new stories told. Cajun Nights is ready to host these new stories, but we need your help to do so.

Staff receive XP payment for the work they perform on the game at a rate of 0.1 per hour, which can be transferred to their Character of choice, upon request. Honestly, it adds up quickly.

Stay safe, be well, and until next time....

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Papa Legba
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