Cajun Nights MUSH

Welcome to May. Spring is in the air! Life is bursting all around us. For the game, we have our very first approved Character! They are now wandering the grid, wondering where everyone else is!

Well? Where are you?
Storyteller Corner

As if on cue, the streets have become mean again, now that citizens are being allowed back to their homes, or to move in to new neighborhoods.

Crime is slowly regaining its foothold in the corners of the city, showing that the "City that Care Forgot", has not forgotten how to swindle their neighbors.
The Lead: New This Issue

This space intentionally left blank.

Scene of the Week!

A heartbreaking sight in the Central Business District as one of the taller buildings in the city was demolished, in front of nearly 10,00 bystanders.

The demolitions crew did their job perfectly, causing the structure to fall in upon itself without damaging the buildings surrounding it.

NOPD was there to keep the crowd at a safe distance, and NOLA's Dept of Engineering says it will take 2 months to clear the debris to begin construction on the replacement structure.

Word of mouth, or at least typed gossip has been making its way through the internet and some more Players from the past have come out of the woodwork! It is wonderful to see the interest is growing about the revival? Reopening? Whatever we are calling it!

Please keep talking to friends, loved ones, enemies, and frenemies that we are getting underway. The more that join the fun, the more fun that can be had!
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues

We are currently looking for Players who would like to be Storytellers for Mortals, Mortal+ (Special Mortals: including Hunters, Romani, Kinfolk, Psychics, Sorcerers, Numina, etc. ), Crime/Civil/Law (CCL), & Voodoo: the Macabre (our own game).

The following Volunteer Opportunities are available!

Storyteller Staff: Mortal, Mortal+, CCL, Voodoo
Administration Staff: Theme, Storyline, Media, Admin,
My News: Player Corner

We are currently looking for Players interested in being Mortals, Mortal+ (Special Mortals: including Hunters, Romani, Kinfolk, Psychics, Sorcerers, Numina, etc. ), Crime/Civil/Law (CCL), & Voodoo: the Macabre (our own game).

There is a coded Tour Bus which will take you on a journey through the French Quarter, point out many historical sites, and tell you the stories behind them.

The whole tour takes about 3 Real Life hours to go through, and is a lot of reading, but is well worth the time and effort that was not only put into it, but also for traveling through it!

When there is interest, we will be happy to run that tour for you!
Final Word

Without volunteers for Staff, both Build/Code/Administration, and Storyteller, there will not be any new stories told. Cajun Nights is ready to host these new stories, but we need your help to do so.

Staff receive XP payment for the work they perform on the game at a rate of 0.1 per hour, which can be transferred to their Character of choice, upon request. Honestly, it adds up quickly.

Stay safe, be well, and until next time....
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Papa Legba
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