Cajun Nights MUSH

Here we are in April, and the weather is getting better. Warmer outside (barely), and the snow drifts in our minds have started melting. Sounds kind of poetic, yes?

There's not much to talk about in this monthly edition, but hopefully will be entertaining anyway.
Storyteller Corner

We are currently looking for Players who would like to be Storytellers for Mortals, Mortal+ (Special Mortals: including Hunters, Romani, Kinfolk, Psychics, Sorcerers, Numina, etc. ), Crime/Civil/Law (CCL), & Voodoo: the Macabre (our own game).

The following Volunteer Opportunities are available!

Storyteller Staff: Mortal, Mortal+, CCL, Voodoo
Administration Staff: Theme, Storyline, Media, Admin,
The Lead: New This Issue

Many "creatures" in the World of Darkness have the ability to sense more about the people they encounter than the standard five senses permit.

To support this, we require that All Players set up a few extra Descriptions for their Character(s), which describe what someone with "spirit senses" would see, what someone with the ability to "sense magic" (Awareness, as well as many Merits) might see, and what someone with powerful resistance to "mental influence" (Auspex, Mind Shields) might see.

For most Characters, the Spirit Description should be something on the order of 'Your spirit-senses see nothing unusual about him.', and the Magical senses description should be along the lines of 'You sense no special aura of power about him.' (You don't need to set a mind-shielded description unless you have mental powers like Obfuscate).
Scene of the Week!

As the city awakens, the criminal element begins to involve itself in the workings of the underbelly anew.

Muggings, Robberies, and other forms of Theft have started to creep up in numbers, keeping the NOPD busy, both day and night.
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues

How to login to Cajun Nights MUSH!
telnet: 2005

To login as a guest: connect guest guest
- Once logged in as a Guest, you will be in the Voodoo Lounge and able to look around at your leisure.
- If you are new to the world of MUSH, you might want to take the Commands Tour!
- Type CT when in the Voodoo Lounge to start the tour.
My News: Player Corner

We are currently looking for Players interested in being Mortals, Mortal+ (Special Mortals: including Hunters, Romani, Kinfolk, Psychics, Sorcerers, Numina, etc. ), Crime/Civil/Law (CCL), & Voodoo: the Macabre (our own game).
Policies & Procedures

One of the over arching themes of Cajun Nights that will impact, affect, and effect all Characters is the presence of the Voodoo Loa/Lwa/Orisha/Mysteres. They have many names which can be referred to interchangeably.

This Voodoo Pantheon of other-worldly beings will have influence across the city in different strengths and varying manifestations. An additional layer of intrigue, mysticism, and interactions designed to fully immerse the Player into the unique world that is Cajun Nights MUSH.

Check here often for ideas throughout the year to host parties, galas, Mardi Gras Balls, float designs for parades, and all other kinds of ideas to promote roleplay across the game!

None at this time.

Check back often for updates!
Final Word

Without volunteers for Staff, both Build/Code/Administration, and Storyteller, there will not be any new stories told. Cajun Nights is ready to host these new stories, but we need your help to do so.

Staff receive XP payment for the work they perform on the game at a rate of 0.1 per hour, which can be transferred to their Character of choice, upon request. Honestly, it adds up quickly.

Stay safe, be well, and until next time....
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Papa Legba
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