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Work continues, albeit slowly, on the game systems where things are being reviewed. The Mortal, Mortal+, CCL, and Voodoo Spheres are all up to date, and open for Character Generation.
Now that we have Players going through CharGen, the last steps are being tested (Reviews & Approvals), and the supporting codes there tested for proper completion of the Character.
Mage, Vampire, and Werewolf systems are being reviewed, updated, fixed and tested to be able to support those Spheres in the near future.
Storyteller Corner

The following Volunteer Opportunities are available!

Storyteller Staff: Mortal, Mortal+, CCL, Voodoo
Administration Staff: Theme, Storyline, Media, Admin,
The Lead: New This Issue

I am adding LearnPress to the Cajun Nights website to be able to have training items there for the myriad systems we have in the game. The first module that I will be building is Character Generation.
As time goes by more entries will be added, like the Queue, and Mail systems. If there are any specific topics that you believe should be done before others, please let me know!
Scene of the Week!

A somber moment was held as a tour guide led visitors to the New Orleans Memorial in Jackson Square, where The Presbytère once stood.

The stone obelisks with details of the history of New Orleans is a reminder that the city has been through many disasters throughout its history, and the people always recover and thrive!

Scandal! The Mayor of New Orleans has been removed from office and is facing charges of extortion, racketeering, and other crimes during the closure of the City by Federal forces.
An interim Mayorial Cabinet is being put in place as the Federal Agencies return Municipal control to the Civilian populace.
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues

Mortals: 4
Voodoun: 1
Undecided: 1

Since the opening on 1/15/2022, there have been a few Players poking around and looking at what is being offered, and some have even started CharGen.

Check out the Application Pages on the website!
CCL - Mortal - Mortal+ - Voodoo
My News: Player Corner

No Player feedback yet, nor any submissions for content. Please send your ideas to for inclusion in the next month's Newsletter!
Policies & Procedures

How to login to Cajun Nights MUSH!
telnet: 2005

To login as a guest: connect guest guest
- Once logged in as a Guest, you will be in the Voodoo Lounge and able to look around at your leisure.
- If you are new to the world of MUSH, you might want to take the Commands Tour!
- Type CT when in the Voodoo Lounge to start the tour.

To create a Character login: create name password
- Note that the name must be a single word, as does the password.
- Once logged in as a Character, you will be in the Welcome Room for new Characters, where you will need to review the Ethics Documents that all Players abide by on Cajun Nights.
- If you Accept to play by those guidelines, the next step in gaining access to the game is going through the Commands Tour.
- This is designed to be a basic tutorial on how to move, talk, pose, and interact with the rest of the game objects, be they rooms, exits, other Characters, or objects.
- Finally done with that tour, you will find yourself in the Voodoo Lounge and free to wander the Sphere Information Center to see what Spheres (areas of the game) are currently available, and what types of Characters are being sought.
- It is highly suggested that you speak with Staff about your Character Concept to gain initial approval of the idea. We want to avoid you having put so much effort into creating your Character just to have us deny it due to the Concept being something we are not accepting at this time.
- When you are ready, enter the Character Creation system, which will guide you through the steps similar to how you would follow the steps in any Core Book, with a few specific additions that are necessary for a Cross-Sphere MUSH Setting (Like Auras, Spirit Descriptions, Profile, etc.).

Nothing currently scheduled.

At this time Papa Legba's availability is approximately 6 - 11 PM, Sunday - Wednesday.
Final Word

I do not use the game, nor this newsletter as a political platform in any way, though I want to take a moment to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to those being affected by the current actions happening in the Ukraine.

As I have said before, more hands lighten the work. I would be grateful for any help working on the list of fixes for the Grid, the Code, the Policies, or the Storylines. Staff receive XP payment for the work they perform on the game at a rate of 0.1 per hour, which can be transferred to their Character of choice, upon request. Honestly, it adds up quickly...

Stay safe, be well, and until next time....
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Papa Legba
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