Cajun Nights MUSH
A lot is going on, and I am happy to say that it is all good things.
We are approaching St. Patty's Day, and always looking for a reason to party are the people of N'Awlins'. I have to believe that we here are no different.
This time, the reason to party is seeing the game start to get all polished up and gearing up to start testing all the code. But I am getting ahead of myself.
Staff Corner
Here is a listing of the current members working on this project:
Papa Legba
Dervish (now Obatala)
New This Issue
I feel like I can say that I am "getting the gang back together", because in a way, I am. Many of you were players on Cajun Nights and it is your interest that keeps me going on this project. Those of you that are new to this adventure are the reason why I am more excited about the prospect of MUSHing again to see what you can and will also bring to the game.
I am currently going through all of my old files and logs for things already written up so I don't have to waste time re-writing them. I found the log where I started as Staff for the game, which I posted on FB before. So many memories in those files. I can't wait to make more memories with you.
One of the things that has been on my mind is the balance of "World of Darkness" themed storylines, and the Real Life world we now live in. When this game started, we had not gone through decades of change and WoD was a vast playground to explore. Since then there has been political, economic, & social unrest; disasters from wind, water, fire, & earth; and even some things that we have pointed at and said "We ran that as a storyline! That's not supposed to be real!".
It is my hope that we can still enjoy a fictional "World of Darkness" where the storylines are things we are not experiencing now in Real Life. A place where we can escape together and enjoy the fantastical, while staying true to the intent of the game lines to explore different aspects of the human psyche.
I do believe that it is something we can achieve, and enjoy together.

Build & Code:
Dervish has signed back on to help with the Build & Code review & restore part of the project. He is now going by Obatala to fit in with the naming convention/theme of the game. He's already burning through a bunch of the things to check, namely the Character Generation system. It is my hope to have it updated and uniform for all of the starting classes of characters when we open. Then, once the other classes are tested and verified working properly, with all of the supporting code tested and functioning correctly, we will expand the character offerings to those as well.
Yemaya continues to chew through the updates that I found in my initial wanderings through the grid and is fixing the exits for many buildings that slipped past QA over the years.
I keep going through the code to match the lines with the systems we use. It is my hope to have an encyclopedia of How To documents put together for all the code on the game so that we can support the players and storylines to the best of our abilities.
One of the biggest & most daunting parts of the projects is to go through the +stat system and match the entry to the book(s) they are from. I am sure that 99% of them are 2nd Ed, but it is the 1% from 3rd Ed that snuck in that I want to find and either remove, or document in the House Rules so that there is no confusion as to why it is in the system.
But, every day, progress is being made.

Media & Website:
I've been using the Customizr Theme on the WordPress website. As you may or may not know, some of the capabilities of that theme were unavailable with the free version so I bit the bull on the horns and bought into the pro version. I am hoping that with the full functions available it will do everything that I want it to in order to make the website exciting, engaging, and a tool to grow the game once it opens.
As for the Newsletter, I just do not like the way it formats the sections. It's just not... right. So I am going to try a different plugin. For those who have signed up for the original plugin, I will transfer your email information over to the new one.

The setting will be similar to what we had before with the codebase not changing in any major way. The game system is still 2nd Edition oWoD, with specific and detailed House Rules for those things that just didn't work quite right, and which we made our own.
The stories will be all brand new, and that is the best part of bringing you all together, so we can make these all exciting and drive the game forward into the future.
I realized that the last post said "to VR days to 1 RL day" regarding the time system in the game, and that typo makes no sense. We have an alternate speed for Daytime vs Nighttime where Days go by faster than Nights so that those characters with Sun allergies can RP in the open without breaking OOC Masq by asking that the room be a NightZone due to the VR time. This also allows VR night to not always happen at the same time every RL day, with two (not to) VR days cycling per every 1 RL day. But, it is not a direct 2 to 1 ratio for that variable of time difference. (Whoever said math sucks... wasn't a Vampire..)
Final Word
I think that I have decided on Discord for the main instant communications platform to be used outside of the MUSH itself. If you are on Discord and would like to add me, my handle there is Shakron#8553.
Email will be addresses. Before we used everyone's personal emails, but now we've become a bit more sophisticated. Time to push the brand name as much as possible, right? Mine is and the main contact on for the mush itself is.., fairly straight forward.
Until Anon, Cajun Nighters.
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!
Papa Legba
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