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Papa Legba
New This Issue

The last night of the year. 2020 is about over, and we will begin anew with 2021. I hope that everyone is safe, healthy, and happy as we turn this calendar page. I for one, am not leaving this year unscathed, but I am still here. So... it helps no one to dwell on the past, instead I shall endeavor to look to the future.

Jumping ahead to the working on the cleanup, Ol'Sarge and Yemaya have offered to assist with the heavy lifting. This is part of the plan to finish up the Phase 1 of the rebuild. Once I have a full list of tasks that need to be done, I'll be asking for more help. That time is coming up, I just have to check my notes and get them all together properly.

Build & Code:
Still finishing up mapping the grid. It's been a month now, and most of it is done. One of the biggest headaches has been the bayou. When you think of the Louisiana bayou, there are vast stretches of open marshes and wandering paths that lead to nowhere and everywhere, infested with gators and other neredowells that go bump in the night. Well... our bayou is no different, with sprawling mazes of rooms that interconnect and criss-cross every which way, you can get lost out there. That's the point. Seriously. But in order to make sure that it is consistent and everything works, SOMEBODY has to have an idea of it, right? Yeah... hence the mapping. I'll be done.... some year...

Media & Website:
Not much work done on the website this month. I'm not really focused on it at the moment. The files to put up on the site though, I'm going through and organizing. That's something I didn't do the first time, which I didn't want to haphazardly throw stuff up there again.

I have the framework figured out for how the setting will be when we have our Grand Opening. Once the nuts and bolts of the game are polished up, I'll turn my attention to fleshing out the back-story with the Storyteller Team so that we are all on a unified story arc when we start. Stay tuned!
Final Word

Much like the Overview this time. I wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy New Years. See you all in 2021!
Please spread the word to join the Page and the FB Group. The more interest that gets generated, the more we can open with full steam.
Until anon dear gamer. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
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