Cajun Nights MUSH
We are at 61 days away from October 31st, 2021. Since my announcement that I was going to rebuild & reopen the game on August 7, 2020.... several friends have come on board over the past 12 months to help me with this crazy idea, and TOGETHER we have made *amazing* strides towards the goal of reopening Cajun Nights for a new generation of Storytelling. I could not have made it this far without their collective help! So, a very huge thank you from me for everything so far! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

However, there is still so much to do in order to be ready to open.... Therefore, I am postponing the Grand Opening. I know that this is not ideal, but instead of rushing to an arbitrary finish line and possibly not having everything ready in time, moving the goal post once, or at most... twice, is preferable to having a shoddy initial experience for those excited to come home, or to visit us for the first time.

For this issue I will say that the new Grand Opening date is set as "To Be Determined", which will be decided upon after feedback from the rest of current Staff and anyone who is reading this that wishes their voice to be heard.
Storyteller Corner
o Obatala: Working on finishing up the CharGen upgrades. This has created a whole new CharGen system including support for our own Voodoo Game!
o Olokun: Is doing an amazing job with the grid fixes, and is almost done with them. Soon to move on to Building remodeling!
o Delai: Has been busy with the building remodeling, making her way through the exhaustive list of tweaks and fixes that needed to be made.
o Ol'Sarge: Has been busy with RL. Will hopefully be back again soon for more fixes!
o Papa Legba: Is still finding more things to fix... seriously, stop it! Almost through the +help entries review.
o Agassou: Currently reviewing the +stat/info entries with Papa Legba to get that system ready for opening.
o Ayao: Currently remembering her way around MUSHcode and the grid.
o La Sirene: New Staff Member! Working their way through the game files and finding things to work on! WELCOME TO THE PARTY!
o Ayida-Weddo: Returning! Staff! Member! Currently remembering her way around MUSHcode and the grid. WELCOME TO THE PARTY!
The Lead: New This Issue
Continuing on with the series of "Things that make Cajun Nights MUSH Unique":
4) Lores have also been expanded to include internal and external Lores. What we mean by these distinctions is, if you are a Mortal and know about the Voodoun in the city, the Lores you learn are External Lores. The more you learn, the closer you are to the truth, but it is still not knowledge you know from being a Voodoun. So much that once you reach a 5 in External Voodoo Lore, it is the approximate equivalent to 1 or 2 in Internal Voodoo Lore, depending on RP backing up your knowledge.
Scene of the Week!
Our replacement CG is currently working for Mortal, Numina, Romani, Sorcerer, and Voodoun. We will be testing it in September to make some key NPCs, and then will hopefully be able to open it to Players to test their own creations through.
There are many Volunteer opening for Cajun Nights listed on the website here: and help is needed!
Admin Positions:
> Theme Coordinator (Mardi Gras/Events) - OPEN
> Storyline Coordinator - Candidate In Review
> Media Coordinator - OPEN
> Administrative Assistant - In Training
> Build Coordinator - OPEN
Storyteller Positions: ALL OPEN - (2) FOR EACH SPHERE
> Crime/Civil/Law
> Mortal
> Mortal+ (Numina/Psychic/Sorcerer/Romani)
> Voodoo
> General
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues
The website is getting some attention after a few months left alone. The sections for Character Generation, Theme, and CCL, among other universally needed sections are getting updated for the game.
Forums are being integrated into the main website, and will have a secure login for access.
My News: Player Corner
Already asked on FaceBook and Discord: I'm not the only one who finds a 'theme song' for my characters, am I?

What do you do for inspiration for your Character? Is it music? Another form of external imagery like art?

Let me know! I'll compile your responses and post them here!
Policies & Procedures
The +help system is designed with two main features.
1) Procedures on how to use the different coded systems throughout the game. How To's and information on the +commands available.
2) Policies that we as Players & Staff are asked and expected to follow in order to keep the game running as smoothly as possible with all of the drama contained in the stories we are telling.
September 11th, 2021 I would like to hold a Q&A on Discord in the Voodoo Lounge, a Google Chat Room, Zoom Meeting, or WebEx. Please let me know your preference for platform and I will do what I can to open it to the most people.
Final Word
On the 16th Anniversary of Katrina, (Cat 4) Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana near New Orleans. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this latest storm.

For those asking to help, these are organizations with whom a NOLA local friend of mine has worked with personally, and they trust effortlessly: - rebuilding houses, and a brick and mortar food pantry: - food bank/food distribution, & - filling community refrigerators, working with the unhoused & evacuees.

For their personal website (to support a local New Orleans Artist living through this aftermath): & Venmo: Miz-Marrus
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