Cajun Nights MUSH
We are at 102 days until our planned opening date! That's LESS THAN 4 months away!

Continuing on with the series of "Things that make Cajun Nights MUSH Unique":

) Lores have also been expanded to include "internal" and "external" lores. What we mean by these distinctions is if you are a Mortal and know about the Voodoun in the city, the lores you learn are External lores. The more you learn, the closer you are to the truth, but it is still not knowledge you know from being a Voodoun. So much that once you reach a 5 in External Voodoo Lore, it is the approximate equivalent to 1 or 2 in Internal Voodoo Lore, depending on RP backing up your knowledge.
Storyteller Corner
o Obatala: Working on finishing up the CharGen upgrades.
o Olokun: Is doing an amazing job with the grid fixes!
o Delai: Has been busy with the building remodeling.
o Ol'Sarge: Is looking into the +LEE system, and tweak a bit of other code to work easier for us.
o Papa Legba: Is still finding more things to fix!
o Agassou:Is now updating/cleaning the +stat/info entries to get that system ready for opening.
o Ayao: Still pouring over the help, wizhelp, +help, and +wizhelp information. Definitely a lot to read!
o La Sirene: New Member! Currently starting with pouring over the help, wizhelp, +help, and +wizhelp information. WELCOME TO THE PARTY!
The Lead: New This Issue
With us being on the brink of breaking the 100 days mark, it is time to start getting Roleplay Staff hired and trained! Now is your chance to join in the fun!
I am looking for people who know Mortals, Mortal+ (Romani, Numina, Acolytes, Ghouls, & Kinfolk), Crime/Civil/Law, and our own Voodoo Game. Please email me at with your interest!
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues
There are still Staff Positions open for helping the rebuild. With opening being almost 100 days away, the more the merrier!
My News: Player Corner
Time to start thinking about what kind of character you'd like to play when Cajun Nights reopens.
We're looking to start filling the city with all types of Mortals and near Mortals to build a vast and colorful menagerie from which to build upon.
90 days from opening will be here before you know it!
Final Word
Feedback is always welcome.
Until Anon, Cajun Nighters.
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!
Papa Legba
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