Cajun Nights MUSH
We are at 120 days until our planned opening date! That's only 4 months away!

Continuing on with the series of "Things that make Cajun Nights MUSH Unique":

3) Expanded Influence system that covers Local, Regional, State, National, & Global stages on many diverse aspects of the game world, each able to achieve up to 5 dots for those wanting to flex their powers. The focus of course is for Local Influence, but depending on how the storylines go, attention may come from elsewhere, both good and bad. You must have at least 3 dots in the "lower" level before gaining a dot in the next level, and can never have higher than that of the previous level. For Example, if you are a Crime Lord, your "Organized Crime - Local" Influence must have 3 dots before you can look for a dot in "Organized Crime - Regional" Influence.
Storyteller Corner
o Obatala: Working on finishing up the CharGen upgrades.
o Olokun: Is doing an amazing job with the grid fixes!
o Delai: Has been busy with RL so she'll be back soon to help more with the building remodeling.
o Ol'Sarge: Was able to help fix the +HRD system, and tweak a bit of other code so far.
o Papa Legba: Is still finding more things to fix!
o Agassou:Currently reviewing the +stat/info entries with Papa Legba to get that system ready for opening.
o Ayao: Returning! Staff! Member! Currently remembering her way around MUSHcode and the grid. Starting with pouring over the help, wizhelp, +help, and +wizhelp information. Talk about starting in the deep end! WELCOME TO THE PARTY!
The Lead: New This Issue
As stated before, the +HRD (House Rules Database) is now able to be reviewed to update any and all entries necessary to make Cajun Nights MUSH a full cross-over game. The Original WoD game lines were written as stand alone systems, so there are some disparaging things between them which causes some unnecessary problems when mixing Supernaturals. Plus, they were never really focused on Mortals, which really are the backbone to this World of Darkness.
The previous FaceBook posts have all been caught up with. Going forward this Newsletter will be the main form of communication from the game, and the link to it will be posted on FaceBook. I'm looking into the possibility of having other Social Media sites linked as well (Like Twitter, etc.), but do not want to get that started until there is a dedicated Social Media staff member to keep that up to date.
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues
New Posts on the website for more staff!
I am in need of starting to flesh out the roleplaying staff side of the game. I hope to have Mortal, Mortal+, CCL, and Voodoo STs ready to start on October 31st, 2021, which means they need to be hired, trained, and up to speed now! If you are interested, please email me.
My News: Player Corner
This is a repeat from the last newsletter, but it bears repeating!
Character Generation has been steadily worked on and several character types are ready for CG testing.
The plan is to have Mortal (Including Creoles, Cajuns & First Nations), Mortal+ (Numina, Ghouls, Acolytes, Kinfolk, & Romani), CCL, and Voodoo all available at opening.
Policies & Procedures
We have different levels of Character Classes that were designed for Cajun Nights specifically. Part of the CharGen upgrade is to have all of the different levels coded so that Staff manual input is minimized. There are the "Free Mortals" which we call Class 0 with no Staff review really required. Class 1 are normal characters with some review and approval necessary from Staff. Class 2 & Class 3 are considered Feature Characters and require the most work for Player and Staff alike. They are the ones who will be most instrumental in forwarding the Storylines in RP and affect the game the most, so those need proper review and support from the beginning.
Final Word
This edition is the June 2021 entry, and is coming out in July. Once again, RL has once again made timing a pain, but at least we're able to get things worked on! With this being a Holiday Weekend (Happy 4th of July for the Americans here) I plan to spend much of the time getting many things worked on.

Feedback is always welcome.
Until Anon, Cajun Nighters.
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!
Papa Legba
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