Cajun Nights MUSH
Continuing on with the series of "Things that make Cajun Nights MUSH Unique":

2) Crime/Civil/Law like you've never seen it before.

2a) The Crime game has a supporting code system to allow the individual criminal perform the daily tasks to grow their prestige in the crime underworld, gaining and losing favor with the others trying to climb the same ladder of power. It runs the gambit from Petty to Felony Crimes. Only when you botch a roll in the system would Staff need to get involved to Judge a scene, and your character's Criminal Status points can be used to protect yourself from other criminals bad mouthing you (knocking down your Status), or you can use those points to either promote another criminal on the ladder, or bad mouth them yourselves. These actions feed into the city Rumor Mills which in turn let's everyone in the Underground know who are the movers and shakers to either watch out for, or get to know better.

2b) The Civil game covers all the municipal comings and goings within the city. Politically minded? Want to be a Medical professional? Heading to Tulane as a student? Have the mind for being an investigative reporter? We have you covered, plus many more opportunities, the choices are almost endless.

2c) The Law game has an extensive Case system built to support in-game investigations perpetrated by both PCs & NPCs alike. During Character Generation there is a part that is required to be filled out by all characters that lists the most common background questions one will find in today's record systems, like Birth Certificate, School, Hospital, Employment & Criminal Records, etc. This is designed to support the Law game on Cajun Nights as Police can do a background check on a character to determine any open warrants, etc. NOT have a file is more suspicious than having a fake one (using the Fake ID Background, of course).
Storyteller Corner
o Obatala: Continues to forge ahead with fixing code and has many parts of CharGen working to the point of ready to test.
o Olokun: Continues to fix all of the grid errors that I came across during my mapping of the game.
o Delai: Continues to fix the building issues that I came across during my mapping of the grid. However, I did not go through every room in every building, so that will be coming up shortly...
o Ol'Sarge: Has been busy with Real Life lately and we hope that all is safe and well with him and his family. Looking forward to when he can join us again soon.
o Papa Legba: Continues to find more work to be done! No, seriously. He does!
o Agassou: New! Staff! Member! Currently learning her way around MUSHcode and the grid. Soon to be helping with fixing the data entries that need updating. WELCOME TO THE PARTY!
The Lead: New This Issue
We have upgraded the Bulletin Board system after 20+ years of using the previous version! There are colors now! Threaded Posts With Replies! So many new cool features to use! (Can you tell we're excited?)
Scene of the Week!
Check here for links to logs that players & staff share with the rest of the game for entertainment purposes. All involved will be notified that they will appear in the scene log before publishing. For those players who were not there for the scene as it happened can consider it In Character (IC) knowledge if they were lurking in the background of the scene.
There are ONLY 143 days until October 31st, 2021! It is our hope to be ready to open for Roleplay on this date. There is still so much to do, but we are making progress every day.

The website has a few more pages on it as we rebuild the details the original site had, and add more to it. There was a separate Crime/Civil/Law website that will be integrated into this site for a "one stop shop".

Speaking of the website as a one stop shop, I am looking at the BuddyBoss plugin to add Forums to the site. There used to be a separate phpBB server set up years ago, along with multiple Yahoo! Groups (Remember those?) where we added information and communications outside of the actual game to enhance the roleplaying experience.
In Case You Missed It: Updates to Previous Issues
The "Code of Conduct" p-ethics and s-ethics files really were written very well so many years ago, and have held up to the test of time, even with the current socio-political landscape we find ourselves in.

I have sorted the old files into useful categories, and in the past month have been able to review, reference and use information from several of those files to get things updated/fixed easier! Hurray for not having to reinvent the wheel!

We have started making headway into the +stat review. There are a ton of entries! But we'll have the system right as rain when we're ready to open.
My News: Player Corner
Character Generation has been steadily worked on and several character types are ready for CG testing.

The plan is to have Mortal (Including Creoles, Cajuns & First Nations), Mortal+ (Numina, Ghouls, Acolytes, Kinfolk, & Romani), CCL, and Voodoo all available at opening.
Policies & Procedures
The +HRD (House Rules Database) is being expanded upon to detail all cross-over questions that are known, and give guidelines for how to interact between the game systems.
There is work being done almost every day on the game, so there's always something going on! No real dates for anything to list, but check back often!

There is talk of another Zoom meeting to discuss the game, progress on the rebuild, plans for the future, and just chatting about whatever comes to mind.
Final Word
New Job openings were posted this month. If you are interested, please apply and get involved! If you want to be a Storyteller when we open, applying now to help out does not preclude you from transitioning then.

We used to be a member of the Dark Spiral, White Wolf's "officially sanctioned" (but not affiliated with) game site. That is now known as the Dark Pack, and I have updated our "membership" to reflect those changes.

This edition says "May Newsletter", yet it is coming out in June. Why? Well, to be completely honest I had it written when we were 172 days away from 10/31/21. Right after that Real Life kicked into high gear with a lot of malaise, depression, and multiple events that took me away from this chair. There was Mother's Day (Happy Belated to all!), my own Mother's birthday which I was able to celebrate with her in person, something I had not done in nearly a decade due to distance, and Memorial Day (Belated Thank You!! to all that have served) which was a long weekend of working on my Victorian rebuild of a home.

I believe that I am through the worst of that mind set, but I can not predict the future. So time to double down and get back to work! If you wish to help get the game ready for the planned opening, now is the time to speak up!!
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