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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Or at least it is rumored to be so if you were in a year prior to 1581. Nowadays... it is April Fools' Day!!! So Happy Foolery to all, even if you're not Tom!!!
I waited a day to post this so that it wasn't misconstrued with a Fool's Errand. The thought to post an April Fool's joke was strong, but then I decided this might not be the year to do that. Maybe next year.
Working on a kind of SPOTLIGHT for details that make Cajun Nights MUSH Unique, so look here for one thing each post that does just that!
1) Our own "Voodoo: the Macabre" game. Adding to the oWoD Storyteller system a New Orleans flavored theme devised to bring forth a rich tapestry of the mystical intermingled with the powers of the city itself. Game Designer & Writer Sam Chupp helped us put it together. (Please note that it is not an official publication of White Wolf, their Parent Companies, or affiliated with them in any way, nor does it mean to usurp any copyrights by said entities.)
Staff Corner
Here is a listing of the current members working on this project:
Papa Legba
Maitresse Delai (formerly Yemaya)
Obatala (formerly Dervish)
Olokun (formerly Tethys)
New This Issue
Happy to say that progress is being made in many aspects of the game server, all towards the goal of opening.
I have started reviewing the "code of conduct" ethics files we have for the game. They pretty much have stood the test of time, but making sure that everyone gets to enjoy a safe and fun game does deserve special attention these days.
In collecting all of the old files and logs from the *cough* umpteen *cough* years on Cajun, and putting them all in one place, I have over 24k individual files, making up 3.13 GB of data, NOT including logs from scenes while gaming. I have my work cut out for me to work my way through them all. Luckily some are files for the website, which should not take as long to review as the files for in-game information. Sometimes it is a double-edged sword to be a data pack rat.

Build & Code:
As I have said previously, Obatala (formerly Dervish) is digging through Character Generation. It is great to see the system getting reviewed and soon updated to be as stable and robust as possible. He has already found some missing pieces that we're working on to complete as the testing continues, like the +stat system.
One of the changes being made is for Voodoo characters. The Vo:tMacabre book calls their specific actions "Workings" & "Rites". As you know, Werewolf has Rites all over the place, so to avoid mixing the two the +stat system had the Voodoo entries listed as "Charms", which in itself was confusing as one of the actions that Voodoun have is "Charms & Talismans" (namely Gris-gris, or mojo bags). So to try and clean that up, the system is going to be updated as "Workings", with levels 1 through 5. We get to see how many other code systems break from that change, as well as see how interconnected the supporting code actually is.
Maitresse Delai (formerly Yemaya) continues to work on Build items, cleaning up the grid and updating settings all over the game. Working through the rooms of not only the streets available but the buildings there is no small feat! For example, there are 634 Intersections (outdoor rooms) that are the streets of the city.
Olokun (formerly Tethys) has come back to the game after many years (YAY!!!) to help with the Build side of things. She has always loved working on the designs for buildings and descriptions for rooms, so it is the perfect time to dive back in! We do like to share happiness.
The clickup website continues to be the central tool to keep track of all the cleanup business, and at this point I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a "free" Project Management system. I say "free" because it does have a pay for features/support section, but so far I have not needed either.
In regards to the +stat system. I have spent a good chunk of this past month data mining the internet for the reference material I was looking for. I am saddened that Pen & Paper is not what it used to be, back a decade or so ago. Luckily however, the Wayback Machine had it archived up to April 6, 2011 which was much of the information I was looking for.

Media & Website:
I am this > < close to having a working Newsletter. I have the template down, and am liking the format the system gives me. In order to test it, I am going to format and publish the previous posts from here, including this one. That way a copy will be available on the website for those that do not use FaceBook, which I have come to discover are many.

I've started working on the opening time line. Generic dates & events that happened to set the tone and show the break from Real Life (tm) so that we are not hampered or tied down to things that have happened since the VR date of the same time.
There are a lot of open spaces for the different aspects of the game to fill in specific things that those players will need to contend with, while giving a cohesive framework to evolve a full, rich theme that is city based for all to enjoy.
Final Word
Word of this project has made it outside the realm of FB, and it is wonderful to see so many reaching out to give words of encouragement and just checking in from the past.
For example, Pandora just recently contacted me to say how excited she is to see the game coming back to life, and will be happy to play again once we open. This is great news! Please keep spreading the word, it will only make the reopening that much more fun!
Since deciding on Discord for out of game communications (besides email), Microsoft has started talks to buy Discord for $10B. Yeah, that's Billion. I am concerned that if/when M$ gets their hands on the property, they will screw it up for the gaming community. But until then, here is the invite link to the Voodoo Lounge where everyone is invited to join. (Just please be respectful in your communications.)
If you are on Discord and would like to add me, my handle there is Shakron#8553.
I'm also starting to work on hashtags for the game to attempt to promote it more. If you can think of any that would be useful to add to the list below, please let me know. However, if it is time to branch out to other media forms like Twitter, or Instagram, or Snapchat, or what have you, to continue promoting, I am going to need a Media volunteer as that is just too much for me to handle.
Until Anon, Cajun Nighters.
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!
Papa Legba
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