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New Orleans by Night
New Orleans by Night

Cajun Nights MUSH, New Orleans by Night, is based upon White Wolf Gaming Studios ™ 2nd Edition original World of Darkness (oWoD) games. Please note that this is a MUSH based on Role Play vs Roll Play, though some situations happen where dice are needed, like conflict.

All of our Mortal spheres will be active at Re-Launch, including the Crime/Civil/Law sphere and we will be running regular cross-sphere plots to involve Mortals and those available Super-Naturals (Mortal+ & Voodoo) alike.

o Mortals: the Many & Mortal Plus: the Special

– Our Mortal and Mortal+ spheres will have many openings for those who prefer playing characters with all kinds of abilities. Whether you want to be the high-society type or be involved in the University or one of the street people, there are plenty of opportunities.

– Mortal+ includes the Gypsies, Sorcerers, and other Numina. Kinfolk, Ghouls, Acolytes, Dreamers, and other support characters for those Supernatural spheres (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Wraith, etc.) not currently open on Cajun Nights MUSH may be allowed as well, on a case by case basis.

o CCL: the Balance

– If the world of crime — being one of the bad guys or being one of the people trying to catch them — is your thing, there will always be plenty of openings. There are openings for everyone from mooks and drug-pushers, to white-collar, and hardened professional criminals.

– Things will be as open on the other side of the street as well — patrol cops, state police, FBI agents, to name a few.

– The civil world, that which everything else in the WoD is based off of, will be represented here too! Medical, Political and Educational, just to name a few. Come in and join the fun.

o Voodoo: the Macabre

– New Orleans hosts a vibrant Voodoun community, which anyone is welcome to join. Not everyone is chosen for a special relationship with the Lwa, but each spirit is seeking followers right now.
We operate our own version of Voodoun, developed for us by Sam Chupp and recently updated by our own staff. The book we use is Voodoo: the Macabre, 2nd Ed.

Rhost is our game code server and it gives us several terrific features. Obfuscation and the Umbra are now fully coded, as are the Auspex and Mind Shield effects that go along with it.

Our +queue system gives the Staff more information about what player requests are still pending and what needs to take place to get them resolved in a timely fashion.

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