About Us

We are a group of gaming enthusiats that believe that the setting for Cajun Nights in the darker New Orleans, LA. world is worth rebuilding and relaunching with all new storylines and adventures for the Storytelling community.

The Cajun Nights MUSH team is a small group of dedicated players working hard around the table and the clock to make an awesome game, free to play. This was, is, and always will be a labor of love.

Mission Statement

We work hard to put together a fun game and hope that players want the same. We will be as fair as humanly possible and hope you can respect the amount of time and energy we volunteer for the enjoyment of all involved.

We are finalizing the rules we will be using here for Mortals the Many*, Mortal+ the Special*, Voodoo the Macabre*, Crime/Civial/Law the Balance*, Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse(+), and Mage the Ascension(+).


Cajun Nights MUSH is an Internet-based role-playing game which had an original grand opening on October 31st, 1995. The restart game date will be post 2005, "An Alternate Past".
Cajun Nights uses the rules and setting from White Wolf Gaming Studio's World of Darkness books.

The mush is run on a dedicated server using the RhostMUSH platform, with a few of our own modifications to make roleplaying a little more interesting, such as 'reality level' code which allows us to let players walk around unseen for those who can use abilities like invisibility and obfuscation. Modifications have been made to accommodate those with high auspex or magical awareness abilities.

* Home Grown/House Rules System
(+) Not available for game play at the opening of the MUSH.

What is a MUSH?

MUSHing is one of the many entertaining pasttimes that the Internet provides. A great deal of people all over the world enjoy MUDs and MUSHes, and spend countless hours conversing and RolePlaying (RPing) with others.

A MUSH is a text-based, multi-user game on the internet that allows players to connect to the same environment and interact with other players. Typically, this interaction is roleplaying. Mush is an acronym which stands for: "Multi-User Shared Hallucination" or "Multi-User Simaltaneous Hallucination" (depending on who you ask), which is part of the family of multi-user text-based internet games that include: MUD, MUCK, MOO, MUSE, MURE, and MUX. This family is known as MU*'s and has a large and dedicated base of fans for over the past 20 years. MU* is also sometimes known as MUVE (Multi User Virtual Environment.

To explain what a MU* is, the MU stands for Multi-User (online), and the D in MUD stands for Dungeon, as in Multi-User-Dungeon. As for what a MUSH, MUCK or MOO, or whatever you might come across, all you need to know is that the MU stands for Multi-User. The other letters don't really matter. MUDs usually has some form of coded automatic combat system. MUDs, you wander around from room to room, and fight computer generated monsters of the sake of gaining experience, and the higher in experience you are, the closer you are from being a Wizard. Wizards on Muds have the ability to build their own areas and adventures for other to play in.

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